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I have created a Patreon page:… It is key to fund the game. The benefits are explained in the page. Have a look!

All patron tiers have benefits. I need to explain why having a guaranteed rank is so important in W.O.K

You rank is calculated by your credits, compared to the best in the game like in a pyramid. The more credits you have the higher is your rank, it is like a hi-score in an arcade game. But others are earning credits too, so at one point , if you are not participating enough you might get one rank below though the night.

When this is happening, you are losing your home (Home are selected by rank, for example if you cannot be in Tech Ville, you will have to move to Slum Ville). The highest rank get the best home with the most storage.

Once you lose your home, you also lose your properties that were inside, that mean that they are in the street and anyone can take them.

Having your rank guaranteed is done by paying a monthly fee. That is the business model. If you want to guarantee Rank 1, you have to subscribe for 10 Eur/month. If you stop paying you go back to Rank 0.

You can raise your rank by your action, so for example you can have the minimum subscription of 10 Eur, but using Rank 5 because you have a lot of credits.

Anyway, by becoming a Patron you are also pre-buying months of guaranteed Ranking which will allow you to enjoy the game fully without paying. You can see it like an investment.

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