Game Design: the crypto-currencies

How the crypto-currencies integration is working exactly?

Note that everything can change any time based on what is happening on the market or in the news. Crypto is not a stable technology, and the law, the regulations can affect how I will manage the crypto inside this game.

WOK is a GameFi game, that means that it is a game that is interacting and using the blockchain at his core, to simulate an economy, to redeem NFT or to store the transactions.

In order to fully use the crypto technologies, WOK has to use at least 3 different types of Smart Contracts.

The Smart Contract are small programs that are managing the transaction, hosted by a specific blockchain.

WOK does not has its own blockchain, it would be too much a constrain to maintain and run just for one application. Instead WOK is using the TRON chain (TRX) because it uses the Solidity language that I am familiar to, and also because it is working as good as the Ethereum blockchain but with very low fees.

WOK coin: the work coin is used internally as the money for the game. It is a TRC10 contract on the TRON chain. The reason to choose a TRC10 type of contract is that their fees are negligible, so we can save every transaction on the TRON blockchain at almost 0 cost. the WOK coin will enable me to create a transaction for each payment, sale, purchase. The WOK coin will not be tradable in an exchange or available outside the game, it is for internal use only.

WOK Coin current symbol.

FRANC TRC10 and FRANC TRC20: the FRANC is the value token. A value token is a token that is tradable outside the game, in some trading plateform. FRANC will be tradable at CREX24, a small exchange and at Poloniex DEX which is a huge exchange dedicated to the TRON ecosystem.

WOK coin cannot be traded, because the value of WOK is stable. A bottle of beer will always cost the same number of WOK regardless of the success of the game.

FRANC is the value token that is independent from the game, it can be traded, its value can grow as much as possible or fall, it only affect the exchange rate between the WOK and the FRANC.

There are other reasons to have 2 coins, and particularly the regulation one. The game must be build in a way that it could be disconnected from the trading and speculation, if necessary. Steam could for example ban us if we are using crypto, then we would stop the support of FRANC and WOK will continue to work without Crypto.

How you will buy WOK and send money to trading from within the application?

In the player’s profile, there is an option to swap one coin to another. You will for example be able to bring TRX, BTT, or another crypto, FRANC of course and swap them to get WOK and play.

You will be able to buy WOK currency just like another game is selling their internal currencies, through Paypal or Credit card.

If you want to send crypto that you earned by playing the game, you will have to swap WOK into FRANC and then send FRANC to an exchange, or a Wallet. That is very simple.

In the same fashion you will be able to send FRANC or another supported crypto-curency inside the game, at a specific address, and convert them into WOK for playing in the game.

These operations will be available through the portal, where all transactions, and operations are.

The Wok-OS will be available from inside the game in specific terminals, and also on the Internet at

This is a WOK-OS terminal

This is an exchange with a WOK-OS terminal attached to.