FRANC Press Release

Franc (FRANC) is a new currency created by the Kryptofranc team.

Paris, France 16/01/2021:

The authors of Kryptofranc (KYF) a blockchain based on Bitcoin Core are announcing a new project named Franc (FRANC).

This new altcoin is a smart contract programmed on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain with Solidity 8.0.

“Franc was the initial project before we decided to do the Kryptofranc” explains Nicolas Choukroun who is the author of the project Franc. Jean Martial Lefranc, who provided the seed financing for the Kryptofranc and I, have moved forward and we have decided to revive the legendary Franc currency as a new Ethereum based token”.

“We need a token for our next upcoming exciting project, which will use  Franc, and at the same time we are writing history by reviving the Franc, the French currency that was for centuries in the top 5 world’s reserve currency, but was unfortunately fused in the Euro” added Jean Martial Lefranc.

For 2 years, ending in 2023, Franc and Kryptofranc will function together in order to offer to the Kryptofranc’s investors a way of stacking KYF to get a 15% APR rewards in Francs. Until then, the only way to get Francs will be to stack Kryptofrancs. Anyone who is holding 5 Million Kryptofrancs or more on a Kryptofranc wallet’s address will receive 0.041% of their holding in the form of Franc tokens every month.

Franc will be tradable in a major exchange just as Kryptofranc, and both will empower a still undisclosed project codenamed W.O.K.

“Somehow, holders of Kryptofranc (KYF) will be mining Francs (FRANCS) without having the need of any technical skills or any powerful and expensive gears,” said Jean Martial Lefranc, this will reward Kryptofranc’s investors to wait as we rollout the W.O.K project in public beta. Step by step we will reveal the deep purpose of the interaction between Kryptofranc, Franc and W.O.K”!

“This is a truly exciting time for me; the ideas started in 2017 are gradually becoming a reality. It is like a puzzle and it will gives a true meaning and a unique practical use of these two Cryptocurrencies. This will help to redefine the realm of crypto by expanding in reach in a more mainstream and playable way for a broad audience. Our investors will have to stick around for the months and years to come and assess the growing value of what we are currently building”, said Nicolas Choukroun.

Franc will be traded and functional Q1 2021, stay tuned.

You can find Franc website here:

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