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Almost every 2 months, I am publishing a playable demo of the application. These demo are work in progress, so don’t be picky about bugs, there are, and most features are not finished. It is just to get an idea about where I am in the development.

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September 2021 (Latest)

Download the demo here

July 2021

Download the demo here.

April 2021

Download the demo here.

March 2021

Download the demo here.

June 2017

Yes the first version of W.O.K was done with Unity 3D (now it is with Unreal engine). If you browse the website news, you will find when I gave up Unity and the reason I moved to Unreal. I took 2 years learning Crypto, doing my own blockchain with Kryptofranc and finally in February 2021, I decided to reboot this project as a GameFi project. It was 6 month before the word was invented!

Download the demo here.

Download the Flyover demo here. This demos allows you to fly over the island, change time, weather for taking pictures and make 4K movies.